i love my chickens

I didn’t always love the idea of having a backyard full of free ranging chickens. But after my sister, Charlotte, and two other close friends showed me the joys of chicken ownership, I was hooked! I love the quaint cottagey feel of clucking, pecking chickens in the backyard. I love collecting fresh eggs each morning. I even loved helping Koutsunis build a cute little chicken house where our chickens could roost. With the help of backyardchickens.com and “Charles Chickens,” we adopted 4 chickens: Rosemary, a Rhode Island red; Thyme, a Leghorn; and Salt and Pepper, a pair of Bantams. Since then, we have also adopted two more silkies and an easter egg layer named: Sugar, Ginger, and Cinnamon. We have enjoyed everything about our chickens: collecting eggs in the backyard, watching them free range around the yard, holding them, even putting them on the porch to roost.