i love my grandgie

My daddy named me after his mother, my grandmother, Evelyn Barnes. We called her Grandgie. I grew up in Statesboro, Ga, but I came up to Macon to visit my grandparents. I NEVER dreamed I would live in Macon and only a few miles from where my grandparents’ house was. It was down a long gravel driveway and back in the middle of what she named the “Barnes Happy Forest”. Grandgie loved painting, gardening, and bird watching. She had tons of bird feeders in the big picture window in her kitchen, and I remember watching birds with her. The sweet sound of waking up in the back bedroom to Grandgie’s chirping birdies is one of my fondest memories. I started my photography business soon after my hubby and I moved to Macon. So in honor of my Grandgie, I decided to use my middle name for my company. I also wanted to use love birds in my logo as a nod to Grandgie and as a way to represent the sweet couples that I get to photograph.