i love british tv

I love all things British: Doc Martin, All Creatures Great and Small, Foyle’s War, Top Gear, Gordon Ramsey, Downton Abbey, Miss Marple, Midsommer Murder. There is nothing like a good whodunnit, and no one does whodunnit like the Brits! Watching British television lets me experience the English countryside and village life, which I find charming. And then there’s the accent; a British accent can make anything sound better! I’m not the only one who loves British television. Koutsunis is obsessed with Top Gear and has a man crush on Jeremy Carson. So in our house it’s pretty much all British TV all the time. So if you know of any other good shows, let me know!

. . . Oh as a side note and if I’m being perfectly honest, I do love to get sucked into The Real Housewives.