Jenn & John John: God Gave Me You

January 12, 2012 |

I promised you some more fall goodness, and Jenn and John-John’s sweet fall themed wedding won’t disappoint!  They are such a sweet couple, and I had a great time photographing their special day.  They tied the knot at the First Baptist Church in downtown Vienna, GA, a quaint little southern town.  They had many friends and family to witness and celebrate their day.  Jenn is a Texas girl and met John John when she was growing up and she would come to Vienna to visit family. Who knew she would be meeting her future husband?  So onto the preview of their day!

Jenn’s lovely gownb_0001

Love her belt of flowers!

b_0002Jenn had some sweet and sentimental details from her family’s and from John-John’s.  Her “something old” was the beautiful handkerchief that belonged to John-John’s great grandmother, MaMa.  Her “something new” was her beautiful gown.  Her “something borrowed” was her mom’s diamond bracelet.  Her “something blue” was her garter.  And you’ve gotta love Jenn’s blinged out heels!b_0003b_0004When Jenn finally moved from Texas to Georgia, her mom stuck a $50 bill in the ashtray, just like in the Carrie Underwood song, “Don’t Forget to Remember Me.”  Jenn kept the $50 as a way to remember how special her relationship with her mom is and how much she loves her.  Of course, Jenn carried the $50 with her bouquet on her wedding day.  b_0005b_0006

Jenn’s MOH helped her with her jewelry!

b_0007b_0008Jenn and John-John had a sweet first look at square right across from the church on Church Street.  Love the street sign. b_0009b_0010John-John checking out his bride.b_0011

A few romantics in the beautiful sunlight!

b_0012b_0013b_0014b_0015b_0016b_0017Jenn is such a gorgeous bride!b_0019b_0020b_0021Jenn’s beautiful fall themed bouquet was created by Debbie and Christie Williams at Vienna Flower Shop. Check out the heart mom wrote on the $50.b_0022The handsome groom, John-Johnb_0023b_0024b_0025b_0026

The pines were perfect for this shot!


Lovin’ all the bright colors!


What a great group of friends!

b_0033Who’s excited to get married??b_0034Jenn and the ladies, aren’t they adorable?b_0035The groomsmen, so smooth in their shades.b_0036b_0037

I love this series in front of the church doors!

b_0038b_0039b_0040b_0042Such an elegant bride!b_0043b_0045b_0046

Jenn is just stunning.  I kept finding beautiful light for more bridals!

b_0047b_0048b_0049The couple’s signature color was cobalt blue, and the ceremony was decorated with blue bonnets, the state flower of Texas.b_0050b_0051b_0052How cute is this little ring bearer??  He carried a Holy Bible that is special to the couple!  They also gave all their parents and grandparents custom handkerchiefs for the ceremony that were monogrammed with the couple’s name and wedding date in cobalt blue.  b_0053Jenn’s dad and step dad walked her down the aisle.b_0054The vowsb_0055b_0056b_0057b_0058

I just love how expressive Jenn is.

b_0059b_0060Ringsb_0062b_0063The new Mr. and Mrs. John-John Averillb_0064b_0065b_0066

Jenn’s daddy got her cherry red ”69 Camaro running just in time for the new couple to ride to the reception in on their day.


We had to stop on the way to the reception and snag a few shots in the beautiful golden light!

b_0069b_0070b_0071b_0072b_0073b_0074b_0075b_0076The reception was held at Reedy Branch Lodge.  b_0077

I loved the Mason jars with sunflowers and mums and pumpkins everywhere!  The shade of the old Georgia pines was the perfect spot for this outdoor reception.

b_0078b_0079Perfect for this October wedding.b_0080b_0081Jenn and John-John’s delicious food was by Donna Stripling.  And of course, they gave their guests UGA coozies with their name and wedding date.  These two are big GA fans, so even though they chose to get married during football season, they made sure it was on GA’s off weekend.  b_0082First Danceb_0083b_0084b_0085

I love when the wedding party gets all teary!

b_0086The delicious cake was by Heather Barlett of Heather’s Cakes and Confectionsb_0087b_0088The Cole Taylor Band were a lot of fun, and perfect for the laid back vibe of Jenn and John-John’s outdoor reception.  b_0089Then it was off through the sparklers.  b_0090b_0091b_0092Jenn and John-John, thanks for letting me be a part of your big day!  I feel very blessed that I got to be a small part of telling your sweet story!

Jenny Evelyn

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