Leroing: Max Patch Wedding

September 30, 2016 |

I’m so excited to share Leah and Roscoe’s wedding. Roscoe is a like a brother to me, so I was honored to be a part of their special day.  It was a very small intimate mountaintop wedding.  Its hard to believe that 5 years ago Roscoe hiked the AT(Appalachian Trail), and my hubby and I went and met him when he was on his last leg of his journey to spend a weekend with him.  He found his perfect match in Leah. She loves hiking and camping and all things outdoorsy.  They hiked and camped at Max Patch last year and loved it, so it was the perfect spot for their ceremony. It was a lovely laid back weekend enjoying the mountains and family.  I am so thankful to call you my brother Roscoe, and welcome to the family, Leah!
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Roscoe loves a gin martini, so he chose this tie to complement his Banana Republic suit. leroblog_0003

The perfect dress to hike a half mile in! leroblog_0004

Her vintage birdcage veil was perfect!
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Leah’s sister Jenna helped her get ready! leroblog_0007

Leah was a beautiful bride! leroblog_0008 leroblog_0009 leroblog_0010

The morning fog coming in over the mountains.leroblog_0011

We all hiked to the mountaintop for their ceremony. Max Patch is on top of a bald mountain with no shade, so umbrellas were a must! leroblog_0012 leroblog_0013 leroblog_0014

They couldn’t have chosen a more glorious day! leroblog_0015 leroblog_0016 leroblog_0017 leroblog_0018

Roscoe is my best friend Elizabeth’s brother. So of course her sweet children were a part of the big day too. Haddie and Josephine even got to carry the rings.
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The AT trail blaze! leroblog_0021 leroblog_0022This was truly a family wedding. Leah’s dad even officiated the ceremony. leroblog_0023

I cannot get enough of this mountain view. What a gorgeous aisle to walk down!
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The whole crew.

Love this shot of Leah’s family.


Leah and her sister, Jenna, are best friends.
leroblog_0042 leroblog_0043

It looks like there’s going to be another family wedding soon! Jenna just got engaged! Congrats, Jenna and Ruel! leroblog_0044 leroblog_0045

I am blessed to be an honorary member of the Douglas family. So even though this wedding was strictly immediate family, I played my sister/photographer card. Thanks for including me! leroblog_0046 leroblog_0047 leroblog_0048

That is right; we even got in front of the camera for just a second. We LOVE y’all so much! leroblog_0049

Popping a bottle to celebrate

 What a cool spot to come come back to on a future anniversary!
leroblog_0052 leroblog_0053

A few mountain top romantics. leroblog_0054 leroblog_0055 leroblog_0056 leroblog_0057 leroblog_0058 leroblog_0059 leroblog_0060 leroblog_0061 leroblog_0062 leroblog_0063

I created Leah’s beautiful bouquet with flowers she had picked up at the farmer’s market along with flowers we foraged around our cabin.

I love how it turned out! Maybe I’ll be a floral designer in my next life.
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Every bride needs “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.” Leah’s something old was her vintage 1920s ring. Her something new was her gorgeous dress. Her something borrowed was this gorgeous bracelet that her best friend, Kelsey, let her borrow. She wore an adorable pair of Mod Cloth shoes as her something blue. leroblog_0070 leroblog_0071 leroblog_0072

Someone grabbed a shot of me in action. leroblog_0074leroblog_0075
leroblog_0077 leroblog_0078 leroblog_0079 leroblog_0080 leroblog_0081 leroblog_0082 leroblog_0083 leroblog_0084

After the ceremony, the whole party headed to Corner Kitchen in Asheville for a brunch. leroblog_0085

Elizabeth, Roscoe’s sister surprised the couple with a beautiful wedding cake! leroblog_0086 leroblog_0087

The cake was beautiful and delicious! Leah and Roscoe call their adventures Leroing. So Gwen, Roscoe’s mom, had a custom cake topper made to honor their biggest adventure together so far! leroblog_0088 leroblog_0089

Love you both and we can’t wait to go camping with y’all again!

Jenny Evelyn

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