What a diamond can do…an awesome resource!!!

January 27, 2009 |

One of my fabulous brides has an awesome blog that I want to share with you! Margeaux originally saw some of my work in Ginger Michell. We were an instant match when she came by to meet me! Today I got to meet her handsome policeman-fiance Doug. Poor thing had just come off the night shift and was ready for bed, but I am so glad that he came along so that we could meet.

For all of you brides out there in the planning frenzy you have to check out Margeaux’s blog. It is called What a Diamond Can Do. She is so resourceful and has lots of great ideas and tips for all the planners out there. She is a major blogger and has been blogging for about a year on her other blog, Note to Self. When she got engaged instead of making a wedding website she decided to blog all of her wedding adventures! She actually started the blog on Oct 3, 2008 and her wedding date is October 3, 2009!

She is so spunky, cute, and organized! Check out her blog!

Jenny Evelyn

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