March 17, 2009 |

This is a week of updates!!! First the new blog and now ….I finally have music on my website!!!!  I have had lots of ppl ask me about putting music on my website and I have waited because I wanted to make sure I had the rights to use music for my site.  Jonathan Barnes is not only a fabulous musician but also is my cousin!  (if you have not noticed yet…I have a BIG family)  Over Christmas I saw a youtube video that Jonathan’s sister posted on her facebook and quickly was drawn in and listened to all of the videos he has posted.  It is really incredible to watch such a talented musician.  Koutsunis (my hubby) and I sat and listened to some of the acoustic songs with my site up and thought they were a nice match….So I called Jonathan and he was totally up for it. Now I get to support an artist that I believe in.  Please check out some of his other music!

Here is Jonathan in action! This one is my favorites and on my website now!

Another one that I really like.

To see more and hear more check out Jonathan’s website

By the way……….Happy St. Patties Day!

Jenny Evelyn

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