Costume Party

October 28, 2008 |

On Saturday night I got all dressed up with some of my friends to attend a costume party. A group of us decided to go as Rock Band. We all play the game together so it was really fun dressing up as one of the characters. We were all rockers! Koutsunis had a sleeve of temporary tattoos! They are still pealing off, and my hair still has a tinge of pink in it, and here are a couple of pics!

I really like this one even though its blury

Caleb was a ringwraith.

i looooove my feather eyelashes! My favorite part of dressing up are the fake lashes!

I had some rockin’ leg warmers too!

The party was hosted by my friend Anna’s sister Starling. They both dressed up as Cindy McCain and Sarah Palin. Don’t they look great?

Jenny Evelyn

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