I’m a Georgia Voter!

October 20, 2008 |

Koutsunis took the day off work to rest and study up for his midterm in microwaves tonight(not the kind that heat up foods the actual waves that are micro). We had a long weekend traveling and shooting an awesome wedding so it was nice that he got to catch up on some z’s. We had an awesome lunch at Joe D’s, which if you live here in Macon and need a good sandwich you have to try! Then we decided to get our vote on early. If you live in Bibb county you can head up to the Board Of Elections on the corner of Pio Nono and Eisenhower to vote if you do not want to wait in the long lines on election day!

Just remember to vote!

Jenny Evelyn

p.s. i took these with my iphone, not bad for a camera phone 🙂

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