April 27, 2009 |

Today I got up and headed to Athens, GA with a couple of photo friends to check out the Seppa/Gppa trade show.  I have some great resources for albums and new products now! And Look out for the “baby birds” coming soon! (my baby club) While I was perusing photo booths….Koutsunis (the wusband) was a-golfing.  His company held its annual golf  tournament and he spent the day out on the greens.  He is not an accomplished golfer…ie. his golf clubs were a gift from some old ladies attic given via Lee G.  So when he returned home tonight with his trophy I was the proud wifie and had to take a photo of my champ.

The Winner of the Duffer Award goes to Koutsunis (cu-soon-is) Prater and team.

img_9911ps. that means he was dead last!  But now what am I supposed to do with this?????

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