Peaches, Brownie, & Baby Sugar

June 14, 2008 |

Peaches is my mother. People always find her name amusing since she is a pastors wife in south Georgia. She is truly one of my heroes. She is a stay at home mom that raised four kids and helped my daddy plant a church, and she still found time to have her own business. She started sewing French hand sewn dresses when I was just a baby and has been published in such magazines as Southern Living, Veranda, and Sew Beautiful. My mother has been such an amazing influence in my life. This past week she brought my two nieces up to visit me and to have their portraits made in her beautiful dresses. They are truly works of art! This image just makes me love my sister Charlotte. I can remember us playing together at this age and just growing up together. Peaches has a website, it is If you are looking for a lovely portrait dress check it out! Here are a few of my favorites of my niece Browynne aka Brownie and my niece Annice aka Baby Sugar.
I love this one of Brownie!

…and Oh i just love this one because it just totally captures Baby Sugar’s little personality to a tea!

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