Jami & Brian: Erin Go Bragh!

September 23, 2011 |

I was so excited for Jami and Brian’s wedding!  Jami has been a bridesmaid in 2 other weddings I’ve shot, and this group of friends is SO much fun!!  I just feel like one of the girls with I am with them!   I knew it was gonna be an awesome wedding, and let me tell you, I was not disappointed!  There was hashing, Irish jigs, lots of delicious food and drink and a whole lot of love!  And to top it all off, the wedding was in one of my very favorite places, Savannah, GA!  So check out their preview. . .

Jami and the ladies started their day at Salon Aqua.  Don’t you love Jami’s hair, I am in love with the waterfall side braid. jennyevelynphotologo01jennyevelynphotologo110

Jami’s dress was so light and ethereal, perfect for an outdoor garden wedding!

jennyevelynphotologo210Jami’s bridal details:  the “something old” and “something borrowed” was Brian’s grandmother’s prayer book.  Every bride in his family carries the prayer book on her wedding day, and inscribes the date and names of the couple in the inside cover.  What a perfect way to welcome Jami to the family!  Her “something new” was a pair of peridot earrings her brother, Justin, brought back from Afghanistan while he was serving in the Air Force.  It is also an Irish tradition to carry an Irish 5 pence for luck, so Jami had one sewn into the hem of her dress.  jennyevelynphotologo38Aren’t these beautiful?jennyevelynphotologo41jennyevelynphotologo51jennyevelynphotologo61After the salon, the girls got gorgeous at the Savannah Bed and Breakfast’s Live Oak Suitejennyevelynphotologo71jennyevelynphotologo81jennyevelynphotologo91The lovely bridejennyevelynphotologo101jennyevelynphotologo111

We walked through the lovely squares of Savannah over to Forsyth Park for a few pics there and along the way!


I typically don’t love mottled light…but for some reason I was really drawn to it in these!  It was the prettiest light pattern!


Especially here!  I am totally in love with this image!


All my brides, together again!  Amy, Jami and Aerin!!jennyevelynphotologo181

It was a balmy day in August in south GA so fans were a must!

jennyevelynphotologo191jennyevelynphotologo201jennyevelynphotologo211jennyevelynphotologo221jennyevelynphotologo231The back of Jami’s dress was so beautifuljennyevelynphotologo241jennyevelynphotologo251

Jami, you were a pretty bridesmaid….but a seriously stunning bride!

jennyevelynphotologo261jennyevelynphotologo271jennyevelynphotologo281Jami’s blue eyes are Ammmmaaazing! (I was just singing that)jennyevelynphotologo291jennyevelynphotologo301jennyevelynphotologo311

There is nothing like the light through spanish moss!


I usually don’t post a lot of family formals on my blog, but Jami is one of 11 kiddos all from the same parents and since the age gap is pretty substantial they don’t get a lot of shots all together!  I love this!


Brian’s niece, Lily, was an adorable flower girl!


All of the lovely flowers were designed by Jami’s mom, Laurie Schaffner, and a family friend, Penny Potter.

jennyevelynphotologo40The handsome groom, Brian.jennyevelynphotologo411jennyevelynphotologo42

I love the vest!

jennyevelynphotologo43We decided to get some pictures of the guys at the Roundhouse Railroad Museumjennyevelynphotologo44Did I mention that Brian is Irish??  He had to wear green socks in honor of his heritage.  He also wore his St. Patrick pin.  Also all of his groomsmen received a monogrammed pocket watch from the bride and groom.  Brian carried one with his wedding date inscribed on the cover!  jennyevelynphotologo45jennyevelynphotologo46

Brian’s nephew,Ben,  was a sweet and shy little ring bearer.


The folks at the museum let us inside of the luxury cars from the 50s for some cool Mad Men inspired shots!

jennyevelynphotologo50jennyevelynphotologo511After our trip to the Roundhouse Museum, we had to make a quick stop at The Rail Pub for a beer.  jennyevelynphotologo52jennyevelynphotologo53Then it was off to the Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum for the ceremony.  The “Hidden Garden” was the perfect setting for the occasion. jennyevelynphotologo54Here is Jami signing the Bible right before she walked down the aisle. A Hickey family tradition.  jennyevelynphotologo55jennyevelynphotologo56Jami’s daddy walked her down the aisle to meet her groom.jennyevelynphotologo57jennyevelynphotologo58jennyevelynphotologo59jennyevelynphotologo60Jami’s daddy said a prayer for the bride and groom.  It was such a sweet moment!jennyevelynphotologo611jennyevelynphotologo62jennyevelynphotologo63Ringsjennyevelynphotologo64First kiss as husband and wifejennyevelynphotologo65jennyevelynphotologo66Mr. and Mrs. Brian Hickeyjennyevelynphotologo67jennyevelynphotologo68jennyevelynphotologo69jennyevelynphotologo70jennyevelynphotologo711The whole wedding partyjennyevelynphotologo72Here’s to the bride and groomjennyevelynphotologo73jennyevelynphotologo74This is the most unique wedding activity I’ve seen in my years as a wedding photographer.  Hashing.  Hashing is kind of like a race / treasure hunt.  One person goes ahead of the rest and lays the hash(which is a trail).  This person uses chalk to leave a trail that the hashers must follow.  The hashers will follow the clues until they reach the finish line, which usually ends at a bar.  Kinda a “run for beer” mentality.   Since Jami and Brian met on a hash, they thought this would be a fun wedding party activity.  After all, these guys were a wedding PARTY in every sense of the word!

I snapped a couple of shots of Jami and Brian and the went to the end of the Hash.


When I brought the party up to the location for more photos they saw the marks and were totally confused at first, I kept hearing…SERIOUSLY they are NOT sending us on a Hash, but then . . . they were off!!jennyevelynphotologo76

running and looking for clues!


The finish line!!jennyevelynphotologo78jennyevelynphotologo79After the hash, we headed for the reception at the Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum.  Jami and Brian and their guests had a beautiful dinner under the stars, complete with adorable ship place cards.  While they waited for dinner to be served, guests snacked on boiled peanuts.  Yum!jennyevelynphotologo80First Dancejennyevelynphotologo811All the delicious food was prepared by Chef Nick Muellerjennyevelynphotologo82

Then a couple of toasts from the Best Man,  and the matron of honor Amy!

jennyevelynphotologo83jennyevelynphotologo84Chef Nick also made the bride’s cake!jennyevelynphotologo85jennyevelynphotologo86

Which as you can tell was….deeeeelish!


I had to get a few artsy shots of the couple in the Museum.

jennyevelynphotologo88jennyevelynphotologo89jennyevelynphotologo90jennyevelynphotologo911After dinner and cake, the party really got started.  The DJ, Jason, of DJs To Go kept the crowd dancing all night.  jennyevelynphotologo92jennyevelynphotologo93jennyevelynphotologo94To end the night, Jami and Brian’s guests played “Hey, Hey Goodbye” on kazoos.  So fun!!jennyevelynphotologo95

They actually headed down River Street for the after party at an Irish Pub! That was a blast.  I even attempted an Irish Blessing to the couple! You will have to check out fb if you wanna see those pics.

Thanks for sharing your special day with me, Jami and Brian.  I had the best time!!  I can’t wait to share more!

Jenny Evelyn

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