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December 13, 2016 |

Well, Well, Well are they just the cutest Wells you have ever seen? Kathryn Leigh and Steven tied the knot on a gorgeous fall day at Twin Oaks Farm. This wedding was bursting with gorgeous details and sweet sentimental moments. I am so excited to share it with you!

klsblog_0010klsblog_0001 klsblog_0002 klsblog_0003 klsblog_0004 klsblog_0005 klsblog_0006 klsblog_0007 klsblog_0008Kathryn Leigh is a traditional bride, so of course she had something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. Her something old were antique lockets with pictures of loved ones in heaven; her something new: a pearl necklace; she borrowed her sister’s pearl earrings and her Mama Vi’s pearl bracelet. She sewed a blue button inside her dress that belonged to Mama Vi as her something blue.  klsblog_0009

Steven, the handsome groom
klsblog_0011 klsblog_0012 klsblog_0013 klsblog_0014

Kathryn Leigh’s gorgeous gown was by Alvina Valentaklsblog_0015

Her something blue, Mama Vi’s button, was sewn inside. klsblog_0016 klsblog_0017

Kathryn Leigh’s mom and sister, Ashley, helped her into her dress. klsblog_0018 klsblog_0019

Kathryn Leigh’s family is very close and very sentimental. They made sure to remember all of the family members who passed away. Kathryn Leigh’s Memama gave her a locket with her Papa’s picture to carry with her on her special day. This was her “something old.”
klsblog_0020 klsblog_0021

Kathryn Leigh’s beautiful bouquet, along with the rest of the lovely florals, were by Leon Holloway at Gatewood Flower Shop. klsblog_0022

I love the moment when Daddy sees his daughter as the bride for the first time. After the first look, Kathryn Leigh had a sweet moment with her parents. They shared a box of sentimental treasures with her. They made sure to honor all of the loved ones in heaven.
klsblog_0023 klsblog_0024

Kathryn Leigh and Steven were high school sweethearts. So after 3126 days together, they finally get to say I do. klsblog_0025

The only thing better than a Daddy / daughter first look is the moment when the groom sees his bride for the first time. klsblog_0026 klsblog_0027 klsblog_0028 klsblog_0029 klsblog_0030 klsblog_0031 klsblog_0032 klsblog_0033 klsblog_0034
Aren’t they the cutest couple?

A cotton field on a sunny day in the fall: there’s no better place for some gorgeous bridals. We got lucky with this cotton field. When we arrived, they were harvesting the cotton, and we were able to
klsblog_0036 klsblog_0037 klsblog_0038 klsblog_0039 klsblog_0040 klsblog_0041 klsblog_0042 klsblog_0043

Kathryn Leigh borrowed her sister’s veil for a few romantics. It was so beautiful floating in the breeze in the cotton field. klsblog_0044 klsblog_0045 klsblog_0046 klsblog_0047 klsblog_0048 klsblog_0049 klsblog_0050

klsblog_0051 klsblog_0052 klsblog_0053 klsblog_0054 klsblog_0055

Sweet sistersklsblog_0056 klsblog_0057 klsblog_0058

Kathryn Leigh wanted to be sure that her family had a sentimental detail to take with them as well. She wrote a sweet note mbroidered on a handkerchief for each parent, and even had one for Mama Vi in heaven that she presented to her aunts.  klsblog_0059 klsblog_0060

What a lovely site for a ceremony!klsblog_0061 klsblog_0062

Kathryn Leigh walked down an aisle of pines on her dad’s arm to her waiting groom.
klsblog_0063 klsblog_0064

Steven’s face as he checks out his bride is perfect!klsblog_0065 klsblog_0066 klsblog_0067 klsblog_0068 klsblog_0069 klsblog_0070 klsblog_0071 klsblog_0072

These pictures after the ceremony were some of my favorites because you can really see their personalities coming out. I love how Steven can always make Kathryn Leigh laugh. klsblog_0073 klsblog_0074 klsblog_0075 klsblog_0076 klsblog_0077

Before the reception, we had to capture a few romantics in the sunset.

klsblog_0078 klsblog_0079 klsblog_0080 klsblog_0081 klsblog_0082 klsblog_0083 klsblog_0084

After they said I do, it was time to celebrate with all their friends and family in the barn at Twin Oaks Farm. It was the perfect setting for their elegant and rustic celebration. The delicious food was catered by Leon Holloway at Cousin’s Catering. He is so talented!



Beautiful first danceklsblog_0087 klsblog_0088 klsblog_0089

Sweet Daddy/Daughter first dance, and mother/son dance.

kladd2 lkadd3 klsblog_0090The fabulous cakes were by Heather’s Cakes and Confections.

Instead of just one groom’s cake, Steven had seven! What better way to be sure that everyone gets their favorite kind of cake? klsblog_0092

Everyone had fun dancing to the Emerald Empire Bandklsblog_0093 klsblog_0094

After a night of celebrating, they were off through the sparklers to a vintage  1954 Cadillac convertible. klsblog_0095 klsblog_0096

Kathryn Leigh & Steven, thanks for sharing your special day with me!


Jenny Evelyn

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