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February 22, 2008 |

Hey, anyone out there reading this?

I have resisted getting a blog because they are so hard to keep up with. I have friends that make ginormous entries every day and I find it very overwhelming. So why did I get one? I am photographer and I love sharing my images with people so I will use this as a way to share them with you.
I thought for my first entry I would tell you a little about myself. My husband is somewhat of a writer so I had asked him to help me write the “about the artist” section on my website. This is what he came up with:
(In order to do this I have to put myself in your mind so here goes:

hi im jenny and i like the photography, i also like my dog kinsey who i call
the kinsers. I like to take pictures of my dog named kinsey. I would also like to take
pictures of you and if you have a dog I can take pictures of your dog too. My husband is
so cool he has curly hair but it is sometimes poofy. He is the coolest person I know and
his name is the babers. I like to take pictures of him too and if you have a babers then I’ll
take pictures of your babers. I have liked art ever since I fingerpainted in 5k which means
kindergarten. people sometimes don’t believe the things I say because I’m blonde but
i think those people are just stupid because i’m so cute! I hope you decide to let me
take your picture because I really like pictures. Also my pictures look like art and I have liked
art since k5.

p.s k5 means kindergarten.)

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