Christmas Festivities!

December 11, 2008 |

I am a little behind on blogging some of the fun things I have been up to this Christmas season. Here are some photos of us picking out our tree this year! Yes Kensie came too. (did you know dogs are welcome at Lowes)

Too Thin.

Too Smashed.

Just Right!

Us and our tree!

Also last Thursday night my me and two of my friends (Elizabeth and Lori) decorated a table for the woman’s Christmas dinner at our church. Last year Elizabeth and I decorated and table at the last minute and just thew something together but this year we got together and planned our awesome table! Elizabeth has been waiting for me to post this, so here it is! (by the way it is a woodland/berry theme.

Basically they were mostly my bird ornaments(I collect them), Lori’s awesome crystal vase and beautiful china and Elizabeth’s garland, nuts, berries and awesome ideas!

Also here are some of the other tables that we really liked. There was a Candy table, a Pink Princess table, a table with feathers, and one that Lori liked all the silver.

I hope that whatever you are up to this season that you are having a merry time!

Jenny Evelyn

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