Brittany & John Owen and Asher makes 3.

July 18, 2016 |


Brittany and John Owen are such a fun couple! They recently decided to tie the knot, and they wanted to do it in a very small ceremony. So they decided to elope! It was a sweet ceremony, just the 3 of them: Brittany, John Owen and their little boy, Asher. And then I had the privilege of doing a sweet elopement shoot. Aren’t they a precious family?

The happy coupleelopementshoot_0002 elopementshoot_0003 elopementshoot_0004 elopementshoot_0005


How cute is this? elopementshoot_0007 elopementshoot_0008 elopementshoot_0009 elopementshoot_0010

Those eyes though! elopementshoot_0011 elopementshoot_0012

If you know Britt, you know that she’s a free spirit and lots of fun. So why not take a slide down Coleman Hill in your wedding gown? elopementshoot_0013 elopementshoot_0014 elopementshoot_0015

My awesome friend Erin does beautiful lettering, so she offered to help us out with some chalk art. You can follow her on Instagram @mamahawkdraws. elopementshoot_0016 elopementshoot_0017

We had to do some photos in the party dress that she wore to her FOJ party/reception!elopementshoot_0018 elopementshoot_0019 elopementshoot_0020

Many of you know Brittany from Fountain of Juice. She works in the catering business, and now her last name is Cater! elopementshoot_0021 elopementshoot_0022

Congratulations to the happy couple!


Jenny Evelyn

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