Hal turns ONE!!!

March 14, 2016 |

This precious boy turned one recently, and what better way to celebrate than an adorable one year session complete with balloons and a smash cake? Hal is such a sweet and happy baby!

Hal1yr_0001 Hal1yr_0002 Hal1yr_0003

His parents, Henry and Kelli, are dear friends of mine. It’s been a pleasure photographing all of their children and watching them grow. Hal1yr_0004 Hal1yr_0005 Hal1yr_0006 Hal1yr_0007 Hal1yr_0008

Evie and Zoie Kate are great big sisters!Hal1yr_0009 Hal1yr_0010 Hal1yr_0011 Hal1yr_0012 Hal1yr_0013 Hal1yr_0014 Hal1yr_0015

Kelli’s mom even got in on the fun. What a sweet grandma!
Hal1yr_0016 Hal1yr_0017 Hal1yr_0018

Love this!Hal1yr_0019 Hal1yr_0020 Hal1yr_0021 Hal1yr_0022 Hal1yr_0023 Hal1yr_0024 Hal1yr_0025 Hal1yr_0026 Hal1yr_0027 Hal1yr_0028

He even got a little help from his big sisters. Hal1yr_0030 Hal1yr_0031

To see more of sweet baby Hal, click HERE for the full session.

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