Evan & Chris

February 2, 2016 |

I have had the pleasure of sharing so many happy days with this sweet family from engagements to weddings to precious babies! Evan is the youngest of the four Cantrell sisters, and it was an honor to photographer her destination wedding.  She and Chris tied the knot at beautiful Sage Valley Golf Club in South Carolina. It was an intimate ceremony with only family and a whole lot of love!


                                                                                                                      Her custom wedding gown by Anne BargeEvan&ChrisBLOG_0003 Evan&ChrisBLOG_0004

Evan is a classic bride, and she chose some lovely details. Her something old was the handkerchief she carried that belonged to her Grandmother, Pat. Her dress was something new; she borrowed her fab diamond earrings, and the perfect little something blue was her sapphire and pearl bracelet. Evan&ChrisBLOG_0005

Evan had a little help getting ready from her mom and her three sisters. Evan&ChrisBLOG_0006

She even got a sweet visit from a few of her nieces and nephews at her daddy/daughter first look! Evan&ChrisBLOG_0007

She was such a stunning bride…. I couldn’t get enough of this girl in this light!
Evan&ChrisBLOG_0008 Evan&ChrisBLOG_0009 Evan&ChrisBLOG_0010 Evan&ChrisBLOG_0011 Evan&ChrisBLOG_0012

I just loved being a part of this special day. As I said, I’ve been privileged to photograph several family weddings (and then their babies!). I’m sure you remember the lovely Macon wedding of Ashley and Patrick, and the beautiful Sea Island wedding of Laura Beth and Jamie, and now it’s Evan’s turn!Evan&ChrisBLOG_0013 Evan&ChrisBLOG_0014

Beautiful florals for the bride and groom by Karin Jeffcoat, Cote Designs.


This fur stole was the perfect accessory for a winter wedding. Evan&ChrisBLOG_0016

Chris, the handsome groom.Evan&ChrisBLOG_0017 Evan&ChrisBLOG_0018 Evan&ChrisBLOG_0019

Evan and Chris chose this intimate little chapel at the Sage Valley Golf Club for their ceremony. Evan&ChrisBLOG_0020 Evan&ChrisBLOG_0021 Evan&ChrisBLOG_0022 Evan&ChrisBLOG_0023 Evan&ChrisBLOG_0024 Evan&ChrisBLOG_0025 Evan&ChrisBLOG_0026 Evan&ChrisBLOG_0027 Evan&ChrisBLOG_0028 Evan&ChrisBLOG_0029 Evan&ChrisBLOG_0030 Evan&ChrisBLOG_0031

Pure joy! Evan&ChrisBLOG_0032 Evan&ChrisBLOG_0033 Evan&ChrisBLOG_0034

Mr. and Mrs. Chris HairEvan&ChrisBLOG_0035 Evan&ChrisBLOG_0036The whole gang!
Evan&ChrisBLOG_0037 Evan&ChrisBLOG_0038 Evan&ChrisBLOG_0039 Evan&ChrisBLOG_0040 Evan&ChrisBLOG_0041 Evan&ChrisBLOG_0042 Evan&ChrisBLOG_0043 Evan&ChrisBLOG_0044 Evan&ChrisBLOG_0045 Evan&ChrisBLOG_0046 Evan&ChrisBLOG_0047 Evan&ChrisBLOG_0048 Evan&ChrisBLOG_0049 Evan&ChrisBLOG_0050 Evan&ChrisBLOG_0051

Gorgeous! Evan&ChrisBLOG_0052 Evan&ChrisBLOG_0053 Evan&ChrisBLOG_0054 Evan&ChrisBLOG_0055 Evan&ChrisBLOG_0056

When your wedding is at a golf course, there’s no better get-away car than a golf cart. Evan&ChrisBLOG_0057 Evan&ChrisBLOG_0058

One of the best things about having an intimate wedding is that you can really visit with all of your guests. Evan and Chris’s family all sat down for dinner together at ONE table, and what a beautiful table it was! Thanks again to Karin Jeffcoat, Cote Designs.
Evan&ChrisBLOG_0059 Evan&ChrisBLOG_0060

Evan’s daddy, Charlie, started off the meal with a touching speech about his sweet daughter and his newest son.Evan&ChrisBLOG_0061 Evan&ChrisBLOG_0062 Evan&ChrisBLOG_0063 Evan&ChrisBLOG_0064 Evan&ChrisBLOG_0065 Evan&ChrisBLOG_0066Evan&ChrisBLOG_0067

The beautiful and tasty cake by Katie Jiminez, Cake Occasions

Evan&ChrisBLOG_0068 Evan&ChrisBLOG_0069

After dinner, it was time for dancing.Evan&ChrisBLOG_0070 Evan&ChrisBLOG_0071 Evan&ChrisBLOG_0072 Evan&ChrisBLOG_0073

Through the petals, and off in the golf cart.

I couldn’t resist getting the couple to take one last romantic at this beautiful spot! Evan&ChrisBLOG_0075 Evan&ChrisBLOG_0076

Congratulations, Evan and Chris, and thank you for letting me be a part of your special day!
-Jenny Evelyn

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