McClain & George’s Athens Engagement

February 8, 2019 |

McClain & George were such a blast to photograph! We got to spend the afternoon in Athens, GA where these two have so many memories! They fell in love and graduated from UGA! Under the arch was the perfect spot to start their engagement session!

I just love the architecture on the campus of University of Georgia!
The Chapel Bell is always rung when the Georgia Bulldogs get a win! I would say marriage is a big W for these Bulldogs too!
This couple just radiate love after 7 years of dating!!!! In McClain’s words “George and I fell in love before we ever officially started dating. It started fast and has only gotten better! We are opposites but totally balance each other out and bring out the best in each other. We are both extremely supportive – he is my greatest source of encouragement and I am his biggest fan. We can’t wait to get married!”
Here is the engagement story from the bride!!! “We were leaving his cousin’s wedding in Savannah after spending the weekend with his family to go meet mine in Hilton Head for my annual family vacation. George has come along almost every summer since we started dating. We spend the entire day on the beach with my family and at the end of the day, he posed the idea of taking a walk on the beach to see the sunset, telling me that his mom insisted that we go down and send her a picture. She loves sunset and I gladly went along. He started out telling me how happy and thankful he was that I moved to Greenville when he asked me to, but I did not suspect a thing (if I had I may have put on makeup or dried my hair). Still not catching on to what was going on, I kept looking at this wonderful piece of driftwood we’d stopped beside. When I realized he’d stopped responding to me, I turned around and found him on one knee! It was the most wonderful moment EVER and I will never forget how perfect it was. As we walked back to the beach house, he told me that his family had also made the drive to Hilton Head and was waiting for us with mine. It was so amazing to have both of our families there, and we spent the week on the beach sitting beside that huge piece of driftwood getting to live in that moment every day!” Doesn’t that give you chills and all the feels!!!!
Personally my fav shot from the whole session! It’s so dreamy!
We finished up their session at the botanical gardens! I wish we had more time there. It’s such a beautiful place to shoot!
I can’t wait to see them dance and dip on the wedding day! Y’all are going to be so much fun to spend the day with and photograph! Thanks! Jenny Evelyn

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