SAULS 2015: life on Shady Trail!

December 8, 2015 |

Laurel has been one of my best friends longer than anyone else in the world.  We are only one week apart and grew up together!  She got married and started having babies right away when we were young, and now she is the amazing mommy to 6 kids and is about to celebrate her 15th wedding anniversary with her hubby, Matt!  I just love this girl and her sweet family, and it was an honor to get to photograph them again.  I don’t think we have done a session since the girlfriends turned one.  This session was all about life in the Sauls’ home, their little cottage on Shady Trail!

sauls2015_0001 sauls2015_0002 sauls2015_0003 sauls2015_0004 sauls2015_0005 sauls2015_0006

Aside from taking care of all her kids, she and Matt also keep bees.sauls2015_0007 sauls2015_0008 sauls2015_0009

My little kiddo, Knox, LOVED all the craziness! sauls2015_0015 sauls2015_0016 sauls2015_0010 sauls2015_0011 sauls2015_0012 sauls2015_0013 sauls2015_0017

The real deal!sauls2015_0014 sauls2015_0018

All 4 boys share a room and their love for Legos! sauls2015_0019

Piper and Scout aka “the girlfriends” share a room and a special reading nook! sauls2015_0020

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